Good shock absorption and elasticity,skid resistance,aging resistance,single component material

Material Characteristics

  • Product Features:

     Fabrication procedure



     Environmental protection



  • Application:

    Both indoor and outdoor highly flexible,SPU system,

    Ideal for tennis,basketball,volleyball,badminton,handball,football,multipurpose courts.

    Applied by squeegee.

Physical Property

Decription Test Index Data
Color Green color liquid Green color liquid
Viscosity(25℃,mpa·s) 4000-7000 5000-7000
Leveling time 25℃≥20min 25min(plus2% water)
Tensile Strength 23±2℃≥1.5MPA 2.3–2.8
Elongation at Break 23±2℃≥400% 750–850
Tear Strength 23±2℃≥12KN/m 15.77
Solid Content ≥80% 91%
Resin Content 31%
Usage(kg/㎡/mm) 1.2–1.5


Storage store closed containers in a cool,dry and well-ventilated area.

Place the drum upside down!