It is only applied on dry waterproof,smooth,power-troweled surfaces of concrete,without rising humidity issues . Both indoor and outdoor highly flexible,SPU system,ideal for tennis,basketball,volleyball,badminton,handball,football,multipurpose courts. Applied by roller brush.

Material Characteristics

  • Features:

     Fabrication procedure



     Environmental protection



Physical Property

Decription Data
Color Transparent /light yellow liquid
Viscosity(25℃,mpa·s) 50~150
Pot life(25℃,min) ≥ 60
Surface drying time(25℃,h) ≤ 4
Full drying time(25℃,h) ≤ 12
Usage(kg/m2 0.15~0.25


Storage store closed containers in a cool,dry and well-ventilated area.